We're a 100% volunteer, nonprofit organization. We love having you in our audience and on stage with us. If you'd like more information about getting involved, please e-mail

Get involved in community theatre.

There are plenty of ways and opportunities for fans of theatre to get involved and volunteering is one of them.

Our shows are often looking for volunteers to help in several areas, including concessions, ushers and hand out programs.

Fan of the stage?

All of our performers are unpaid actors and actresses who have a passion to tell a story to an audience. Check the website regularly or sign up for the newsletter to get notices on audition opportunities for upcoming productions. No experience necessary.

Like working behind the scenes?

Don’t like to perform on stage but like being involved in theatre? No problem. There are plenty of other areas to volunteer to help you be a part of a production, including set construction, costume maintenance, lighting, sound and backstage manager.


How you can help

Ways to support us
& our community


Not into acting but like theatre? You can volunteer with costumes, set design and ushers.

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Advertising with the West Bend Theatre Company connects businesses to a community that supports local business.

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What better way to get involved in community theatre than to audition for a show by the West Bend Theatre Company.

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