2023 "A Christmas Carol Cast" Announced

Published on September 16th, 2023


A Christmas Carol 2023 Cast Announced

Director, Tina Binns -

Assistant Director Kaitlyn Kropidlowski - Music Director, Janice Westphal

Cast By order of appearance

Narrator aka “Dickens” — Carrie Obst

Child/Fan — Marisa Obst

Fred — Cody McCaughn

Kate — Sarah Evinic

Scrooge — Nolan Zadra

Bob Cratchit — Brad Becker

Lamb/Businessman 1 — Jeff Weavers

Poole/Topper/Businessman 2 — Dale Klein

Mrs. Dilbert/Shopper 1/Londoner — Becca Sunde

Marley/Fezziwig — Jim Wucherer

First Spirit — Maggie House

Charlie/Londoner — Ahyellah Wright

Georgie/Frederick Cratchit — Seth Miller

Will/LondonerTBD in Rehearsal Process

Tom/LondonerTBD in Rehearsal Process

Young/Teen Scrooge/Londoner — Cailee Amundson

Young Adult Scrooge/Londoner — Kevin Aubery

Mrs. Fezziwig/Caroline/Londoner — April Schaefer

Belle/Londoner — Ashlyn Koepke

Second/Third Spirit — John Reilly

Mrs. Cratchit — Elizabeth Mintie

Peter Cratchit/Young Buck — Clara Mintie

Belinda Cratchit/Londoner — Olivia Schrauth

Harriet Cratchit/Londoner — Anabelle Buettner

Martha Cratchit/Londoner — Lizzie Nichols

Tiny Tim — Corbin Becker

Ruth/Son/Londoner — Emma Baker

Ignorance/Londoner — Juniper Gehring

Want/Londoner — Vela Stevens

Old Joe/Londoner — Ralph Netzel

Charwoman/Shopper 2/Londoner — Katelyn Lanctot

Urchins/Carolers — Gaige House, Paityn Mueller, Arianna Rauth, Marium Amundson

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