Flanagan's Wake Audition Info

Flanagan's Wake Auditions - January 9, 10 - 6:30 PM West Bend Masonic Center 301 N University Drive, West Bend

FLANAGAN'S WAKE: is the Irish improv comedy where the audience members become the mourners attending a wake for the deceased. Irish eyes will smile, and Molly Malone will be there, too. It all takes place in the pub where our dearly departed Flanagan was known to tip a pint or two. The audience and the actors participate in remembering, roasting and toasting their friend, making great efforts to eulogize him as only he should be. Yes, there's a will and the gold, and an Irish priest too. Much singing and shillelagh swinging takes place at Flanagan's Wake - No doubt you'll want to be part of it. Bring your lucky charm and come audition!

AUDITION DATES: January 9, 10 (choose either date or both) 6:30 PM West Bend Masonic Center, 301 N University Drive. West Bend

ROLES AVAILABLE: We are seeking two MALE ACTORS to fill ensemble roles in Flanagan's Wake.

  • MAYOR MARTIN O'DOUL is not only the mayor, but he is also the bartender - which is of course, a key role in any Irish play. The Mayor tells a long-winded story using improv suggestions from the audience, he also offers insight on Flanagan who spent many days with Martin. He is the anchor to other performers, and arbiter of debates should they arise. He knows many things, and ALL of your secrets, which he'd never divulge, (unless you fall behind in paying your tab.) Father of Fourteen. Married to Tara the piano player. Age 50+

  • MICKEY FINN is a writer of great renown and the only published author in the tiny Village of Grapplin, Ireland (and also the editor of Grapplin's only newspaper) where our story takes place. He does like to tell a story, but not much as he'd like as he is often interrupted by or his sister Fiona - or the need for Guiness. Mickey is the most educated man in the village. He went to university for almost two whole weeks! Age 25+

SCHEDULE: Rehearsals will begin in late January Performances are March 10, 11, 12 and 17, 18, 19 at West Bend Masonic Center

DIRECTOR: Questions welcome to:

AUDITION PROCESS: Reading from the Script and Improv Games. If you've seen "What's My Line" you know how this will go. FUN!

SIGN UP - Sign Up for Auditions HERE

SONGS: Toora Loora Loral, Irish Eyes, Danny Boy and others. Some are featured solos for the actors.

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